The Speaker Maturity Model


Dear Conference Organizers,

Eliminate Level 0. In other words, cover Travel Expenses for Speakers.

If you’re a conference backed by a large corporation or conferences are your business, you really don’t have an excuse not to. If you’re a community driven event, get some more sponsorship money from sponsors or cut some costs on promotional videos, or raise that ticket by a few euros.

Telling a speaker they’ll get a free pass to the conference is pretty much the same as saying they won’t be escorted in and out of their session.

Telling a speaker they get exposure and/or marketing is nice, it’s true. But there’s only so much exposure one can get.

Dear Speakers,

By accepting Level 0, you’re only promoting the practice.

*Level 3: Too demanded. Having to turn down events despite bucketloads of cash being thrown at you. Much like REST, great in theory, hard in practice.

4 thoughts on “The Speaker Maturity Model

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    1. Hadi Hariri Post author

      And one has to be careful to not become a pundit at any level, or to be at level 0 for the free ride. It is up to the individual to remain true to their own values.


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