Agile 2011 Conference – Salt Lake City




As like last year, JetBrains is again a sponsor of Agile Conference and we will be exhibiting at this year’s event in Salt Lake City. Yegor (TeamCity), Maxim (YouTrack) and myself will be there for the entire week (August 8th-12th), showing some of the new features in our tools, as well as having a chance to interact with our users, which is one of the greatest things when attending conferences, talking to you and receiving your feedback. 

Similar to all recent events, we are also using the opportunity to spend some time with customers on their premises, so if you are in and around Salt Lake City, be sure to let me know as soon as possible, if you are interested.


Finally, Daren Knopp has also been kind enough to set up a Nerd Dinner for Thursday August 11th seeing so many nerds are in town. RSVP here.

One thought on “Agile 2011 Conference – Salt Lake City

  1. William Fuhmey

    I`m interested This
    Agile Artical.

    I totally get where you are coming from.
    For me, the goal of the startup is to create something of value as quickly as possible and
    with minimal cost / waste. In pursuit of this, visualization gives a startup team clarity and immediate direction. Options are made apparent and acted upon with maximum buy-in.

    In a startup, the kanban can be the focal point to allow rapid ideation, prototyping and
    release. It can also be used to experiment, kill bad ideas, and evolve rapidly.


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