Session at DevDays in The Netherlands

My talk at DevDays in The Netherlands on Real World Architectures with MVC is now available on Channel 9. It was my first TechDays Belgium / DevDays The Netherlands and I was quite impressed with organization. Kudos to Katrien, Helen, and everyone else involved. I’m guessing the videos from TechDays will be online at some point too, on Channel 9.

Also, if you’re interested in more hands-on-in-depth coverage of MVC and are located in Europe, I’ll be doing a 4 day masterclass with Informator in September

5 thoughts on “Session at DevDays in The Netherlands

  1. pyrotheprogrammer

    Awesome video! Been looking at mvc and toying with it for a while and always wondered about some of the issues you discussed here, one thing I wanted to ask though is when you are using a ViewModel rather than a Domain model in your views do you apply the validation to both the viewmodel and the domain model and if not how do you stop duplication if say a WCF service was to use the Services directly and essentially bypass the ViewModel ?

    1. hhariri Post author

      Thanks. I apply validation in both places. But normally just like the ViewModel isn’t, it’s not a one-to-one match.

  2. gb

    Hi, I have come across your presentation and looks very good.
    Do you by any chance willing to share the code as I am learning mvc and I would like to build a template architecture if you like based on what you talk about in your presentation?If you could email it to me that would be fantastic.Thanks a lot


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