We are coming to Stockholm!



JetBrains is coming to Stockholm. After the great feedback we have been receiving at the different community nights we’ve held, we’re doing more. On the 9th of February we’ll be coming to Stockholm where we’ll hold a free event for our users. We’ll dive into the less known features of ReSharper, show you some of the upcoming treats and also learn about setting up environments for Continuous Integration.

Seats are limited, so if you are interested please register soon (link also contains more detailed information).




On the Thursday I’ll also be taking part in the .NET Community Day in Göteborg, and I’ll be back in Stockholm again the next day to repeat the same event there.


[Image © C.C. Sébastien Bertrand]

2 thoughts on “We are coming to Stockholm!

  1. östen

    Thank you for a very interesting run-through of the features of resharper 5 in Stockholm.
    I asked you if you seen the speed testing functionality and got a bit confused when you started talk about mighty moose. I didn’t mean them so I lost focus there 🙂
    I meant this guy:
    but of course the concept is the same… The main reason was to check if you had some thoughts in this direction for resharper?

    Also I had another question which I never got to ask:
    uncle bob wrote about TDD and refactoring principles in a blog which I found extremely interesting and in my mind it could be a starting point for a new set of features in a program like resharper:
    any thoughts about that?
    best regards

    1. hhariri Post author

      Hi östen,

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I think Rapid-Testing was announced after ContinuousTesting, but not sure how they were developed over time. Regarding the blog post from Uncle Bob, yep, read it and it’s definitely something we’re looking in to.

      The continuous testing things currently fall out of scope from ReSharper however as you saw, some of those heuristics are covered by dotCover.


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