Dynamic objects and ReSharper


As you might have heard by now, C# 4.0 (or is it just 4?…) comes with a new keyword: dynamic. This means that you could do something like the following:


Simply put, ExpandoObject is a class that allows you to add and remove members at runtime. This allows us to call methods that are resolved at runtime. As such, the previous code will compile.

Just as you can declare methods, you can also declare properties:


This no doubt can come in handy when working with ViewModels and ASP.NET MVC.

However, there is one minor problem with dynamic objects: you lose intellisense, which means that if in your view, instead of typing dynaCustomer.FirstName, you type dynaCustomer.FristName, you won’t get any errors until you run the app.


And that’s where ReSharper can help:


This is the same code, but with ReSharper activated inside Visual Studio 2010! I typed the FirstName property for the first time. After that, I have full intellisense support for it. The same would apply to methods:


That puts dynamic into perspective.

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