Is it time to rename TDD?

Just reading a comment on Uncle Bob’s blog by a guy called Ted.

What’s with this whole TDD/SOLID and Podcast stuff?

Just because you practiced TDD does not make your code clean nor high-quality.

Let’s face it, most TDD practitioners are “DEVELOPERS”. You are not “QA”, “TESTER”, “SDET”. What do you know about various testing techniques, testing principles, testing metrics, how to test, etc?

    Do our field a favor TDD-er, do the following:

  1. How We Test Software at Microsoft
  2. Go to MS and apply for SDET position (or Google)
  3. Read more books about Software Testing
  4. Ask yourself if you wrote great TDD code or not

Now for the last question, if the answer is “Yes”, then you’re a Tester. If the answer is “No”, then you’re a developer. And obviously, if you are a developer, you suck at TDD.

It’s just how the brain is wired or perhaps it’s in your training. Developers are almost always bad testers, vice versa.

Maybe TDD should be renamed "Coming up with a good design by first trying to use my code Driven Development". There is an overwhelming amount of information regarding Test Driven Development and yet, still, STILL, people think it’s about testing.

5 thoughts on “Is it time to rename TDD?

  1. Bruce McGee

    I think Ted needs to expand his horizons a little.

    Any developer that doesn’t think they’re responsible for testing their code might want to think about another line of work.

  2. Hans-Eric Grönlund

    What you’re referring to is what many calls Programming by intention (see my home page link for a brief explanation). Maybe Intention Driven Development would be a better name, but then again – the same problem as your name suggestion is suffering from – that name doesn’t reveal the important fact that we’re constructing tests. So, I think I’ll stick with TDD.

    The comment you’re quoting on the other hand is obviously missing the point, but that’s a different topic.


  3. Hadi Hariri


    My naming was sarcasm, as was the suggestion of renaming TDD. My point however was that TDD is not about testing. Testing is a side-effect. What you’re describing as Intention is the same thing. The test is the fastest and simplest way of using your own code. It’s your intent to use your code.

  4. Ken Knopfli

    As long as the misnomer persists, the casually interested will always make this initial mistake.

    Like religions, there are so many methodologies out there clamoring for attention.


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