WCF Book to help Juanma

Everyone knows that unless you’re writing about Harry Potter, it’s hard to get rich from a book, and even more so a technical one. I wrote the book on WCF mostly as an adventure, being my first in Spanish and sole author. I decided sometime ago that I wanted to give all proceeds from my cut to a charity. After getting in touch with a number of them requesting information (let’s just say I don’t trust 100% all charities), and never getting a reply back from any, I decided to look for something close by. I’d heard about Juanma from a friend of mine (Guillermo Som) and we’ve been actively helping (Málaga .NET User Group as well as all other user groups around Spain) by organizing events, raffling prizes, etc. Juanma has an illness called Leukodystrophy also known as Alexander’s Syndrome and the family is trying to raise funds to further investigations to find a cure.

Therefore, all proceeds from the author’s cut will be destined directly to this cause. Krasis Press, the publisher is aware of this already and everything will be handled directly by them. So if you speak Spanish and need a book on WCF, know that you’re also contributing to a good cause by buying a copy. If you don’t, but feel you still want to help Juanma, please visit their web site: www.ayudajuanma.es



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