What do you listen to while developing?

Question has been asked on some mailing lists recently, but I’m curious as to what music/thing (if at all) do you listen to while developing? As I’m asking the question, I’ll give the first reply: nothing.

Years ago, I used to listen to a variety of things, including Phantom of the Opera, Guns’n’Roses, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Pink Floyd, Pink Floyd, Roger Waters and some early Pink Floyd. For the past couple of years however, unless I’m doing mechanical coding, I don’t listen to music, or anything for that matter. I find, especially when I’m thinking about design, that it distracts me. I’ve even tried music with no lyrics (except Kenny G.)

Maybe I’m just getting old…

2 thoughts on “What do you listen to while developing?

  1. Paul van de Weem

    Normally, I listen to the radio. Well, listening is not the right matter of speech, the radio is on and produces its daily noise.
    From time to time I actually hear what they are saying or what’s playing, but most of the time I don’t.

    And when I really want to relax, I play Guns’n’Roses, Pink Floyd, AC-DC, Pink Floyd, Queen and Pink Floyd.

    Gr. Paul

  2. Busby SEO Test

    I love music. So, I don’t think that if I’m listening a song, it detract me. Specially when I have a lot of problem.


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