Conference Season

Well it's that time of year again, when many conferences are all jam packed into one and a half months. I'm doing quite a few more this year than last year so it's going to be hectic. But I love every moment of it (except the flight delays and being away from home for so long). So if you're interested in meeting up or chatting, it would be great. Here's my schedule for the next few weeks:


  • Basta 2008 Mainz, Germany: 22th – 26th September.
    • MSBuild
    • Continuous Integration in .NET

  • Software Developer Conference, Netherlands: 6th – 8th October.
    • Advanced VCL for the Web
    • Unit Testing in Delphi
    • Delphi =/> OOP

  • DevReach, Sofia: 13th – 15th October.
    • So I want to Unit Test, which framework should I use?
    • Design for testability

  • Microsoft ALM Conference, Madrid: 16th October.
    • Continuous Integration with VSTS

  • Entwickler Konferenz, Mainz: 27th – 31st October.
    • Advanced VCL for the Web
    • Creating maintainable solutions
    • OO Applications in Delphi

  • TechEd EMEA 2008, Barcelona: 10th – 14th November
    • ASP.NET MVC Practices

3 thoughts on “Conference Season

  1. Hadi Hariri


    Programming in Delphi doesn’t imply object orientated programming. It’s a session about some design principles and all those "horrible" things like automated testing, etc 🙂


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